Maori Jade Koru Spiral Necklace

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This is a California Trendz original necklace and has been one of our best sellers over the years. This Maori Jade Koru Spiral Pendant necklace is carved from real nephrite jade and made with genuine leather. It takes a true expert to carve out pendants this decorative and precise. As part of our surfer pendant line, this necklace is made to withstand the elements and can be worn year round. All of our necklaces are custom made and come in almost every color.

The Maori Koru design is inspired by the New Zealand fern frond unfurling as it grows. It represents peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change and awakening. It is associated with new life and harmony, so makes a wonderful gift for a new parent or child, newlyweds, or anyone starting on a new phase of their life.

Please choose your cord color, clasp type, and necklace length in the options.
Made in California.