Manaia Maori Style Chinese Jade Fish Hook Necklace

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This Hei Matau Jade Fish Hook Necklace is made from real Nephrite Jade. Inspired by Polynesian fisherman, this necklace is 100% Pacific! As part of our jade pendant line, this necklace is made to withstand the elements and can be worn year round. All of our necklaces are custom made and come in a variety of colors.
The fish hook was an important resource for Maori, as the sea provided a rich source of food. The fish hook signifies abundance and plenty, strength and determination. It is believed to bring peace, prosperity and good health. It is a device for catching good luck and energy, and is believed to provide safe journey over water. It is therefore considered a good luck charm by travelers, fishermen and surfers.
The Manaia is known to the Maori people of New Zealand to be a guardian angel or spiritual guardian. It's known to be the messengers between the Gods and mortals. To the Maori, the bird is known to be the medium between the spirits and mortals. It symbolizes spirituality, spiritual power, and guides spirits to heaven.
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Made in California.